Eryl Hall

Eryl Hall

Eryl Hall

Located on the beautiful North Wales coast near the historic U.K. city of St. Asaph, Eryl Hall is a perfect place to relax and find relief from the stresses of everyday life. A drive through the site's private stone gates and along the site's private driveway makes the pressures of life begin to simply ebb away.

The park is set in gorgeous natural woodland grounds and contains the magnificent building that is Eryl Hall. The park grounds are spacious and make the perfect area to spend your holiday.

Eryl Hall is only a few minutes' drive from the seaside wonders of Rhyl and Prestatyn, but it is secluded enough so that you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Welsh countryside on-site. Nearby there are plenty of activities for the family.

St. Asaph is the U.K.'s smallest city and home to the smallest cathedral in Britain. It lies between Denbigh and the popular seaside town of Rhyl. The city is set in the beautiful Denbigshire countryside along the banks of the River Elwy. St. Asaph has been an important ecclesiastical centre dating as far back as 560 AD. The community was founded by the Scottish saint Kentigern. When he returned to Scotland he left the community in charge of his disciple Asaph. Today, however, Asaph is the perfect holiday destination.

Snowdonia is visible in the back drop of the park, adding to other beauties afforded by the site of the Welsh countryside and the nearby pretty coastal towns. The area surrounding the park offers peaceful mountain and moor land walks as well as a full range of seaside attractions and activities. There is plenty of history in the area as well, including St. Asaph's cathedral.

The area has an abundance of plant life and wild life that can be seen on any walk through the city. Weather is usually mild as well which makes the walks that much more pleasant and enjoyable. The River Elwy offers a number of interesting walking routes that will afford views of a variety of plant life, birds and other animals.

You can also enjoy some fishing on your holiday on the Rivers Clwyd, Elwy and Aled as well as in a small still water that is known as Crydy Gwynt. St. Asaph Angling Association controls these fishing sites, which are some of the best major game sites in North Wales. There is a total of over 15 miles of great fishing locations to choose from.

Eryl Hall Lower Denbigh Road
St Asaph
LL17 0EW
United Kingdom

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