The Falls at Aysgarth Falls

The Falls at Aysgarth Falls

The Falls at Aysgarth Falls is a licensed Café/Bar with extensive car and coach parking and an ideal location for visitors and groups to meet. Owners David and Annie Kiely would like to welcome you to this unique setting close to the famous Aysgarth Falls waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and overlooking St Andrews Church, a medieval church site dating from 1,000 AD and is normally open during the day, visitors are welcome.

Aysgarth Falls is a spectacular triple-drop waterfall situated in a lovely wooded gorge, on the River Ure within the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Aysgarth Falls has attracted visitors for over 200 years - William Wordsworth, John Ruskin visited and J M W Turner painted the falls - all recognised the falls' outstanding beauty. More recently the falls were used as a location in the Kevin Costner film Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.

Visitors and groups are always welcome and over night parking can be arranged for campers and caravaners. Craft fairs and antique collectors fairs are held on Sundays, once a month. We endeavour to have some type of event each weekend to add to your enjoyment of visit to the famous Aysgarth Falls.


Over night parking is available in our large car park overlooking St Andrews Church just 5 minutes walk from the famous falls.


The single caravan is situated in 30 acres of young woodland among the high knolls and glades. The area is sheltered by the adjacent National Parks ancient coppiced wood, Freeholders. The setting provides glorious views of Wensleydale. the land rolls down to the famous Aysgarth Falls on the River Ure, the most vistied three-tier waterfall in the UK. It is within minutes of the site.

It is a secluded green field site with mains water nearby. The National Parks information Centre with full toilet facilities is a few minutes walk away.

The caravan is fully equipped with cooker, fridge, toilet and generator. It sleeps four people.

Access is by private farm track that provides spectacular views of Pen Hill and Bolton Castle.

There are many local facilities, general supplies, Doctors' Surgery, local pubs, café and gift shop, all within walking distance.


It is now possible to have back-to-nature holidays living in an American Sioux Indian Tipi.

The camping area is a 30 acre, green field, young woodland site situated in a spectacular setting, adjacent to Freeholders, the ancient coppiced wood and close to Aysgarth Falls in Wensleydale.

Tipis come in a various sizes and will sleep up to 20 people. They are ideal for group holidays. Fires can be safely lit inside the tipi and arrangements are in place for cooking or community fires on the outside. Cut logs can be purchased and a generator hired for night lighting.

Grazing is available for those wishing to bring horses. riding and walking trails abound.

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