Thistledown Farm

Thistledown Farm

Thistledown Farm


The private owners of Thistledown Farm are committed to Green values and this is very much in evidence on the campsite.

Thistledown Farm is located in an area of the Cotswolds close to Stroud and set in 70 acres of stunning countryside. It also has one of the largest Elderflower Orchards in the world and for the past 15 years the farm has been organically managed.

There are three camping areas, the Elderflower Orchard site is on the upper part of the farm and the pitches are amongst the small Elder trees. You can get to it in your vehicle and it is 4 minutes walk from the other two pastures.

The other two sites are on the lower end of Thistledown Farm, they are more secluded and have spectacular views over the countryside, but they are only accessible on foot. The two fields are separated by banks and trees.

Thistledown Farm is a great place to explore, although sometimes they do host weddings and private hire events and during these times some areas will be closed off to campers.

There are no allotted pitches, but there is plenty of room for each group to camp comfortably and have their own fire pit. Camp fires are encouraged, but it is not permitted to collect wood because the farm has hibernacula for snakes and slow worms and any fallen timber is left as a natural habitat for the fungi and insects. You can bring your own firewood or buy it on site by the barrowful.

If you want to cook over the fire, bring a grill or you can use a barbecue as long it is raised off the ground so that the grass doesn't burn.

All sites have a water tap which has UV filtered spring water, there's no electricity so bring a torch and there's no refrigeration. There is a shower and toilet block and a dishwashing area. Please bring biodegradable soaps so as not to harm the worms. All rubbish is recycled and should be sorted and disposed of in the blue refuse bin near the house.

The site is an historical one, Neolithic hand tools have been found, an iron- age storage pit and the remains of roundhouses. You can walk along the winding footpaths and meadows, pass the streams, Roman Troughs and the land art and explore the woods. Enjoy a picnic in one of numerous picnic spots and watch the passing bees and butterflies.

There are also plans to open a Farm shop, so that visitors can buy quality fresh food sourced from not only small local suppliers, but Thistledown Farm as well. They also hope to sell arts and crafts made locally.

Campers are asked to arrive between 11am and 7pm and any queries can be dealt with between 10 am and 7.30 pm at the house.

If you need a lift in their 4 X 4 mule and the owners have time, you can organise one between 11am and 5pm.

Thistledown Farm gates are closed at 8pm, so if you go out, please don't forget to shut the gate after you.

Thistledown Farm really is all about getting back to nature, appreciating its beauty and caring about its future.

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