Park House Camping

Park House Camping

Park House Camping

Park House Camping is located in Keld and has a small campsite right next to the River Swale. The site features a couple of nice clean toilets and a wonderful hot shower. You can get back to nature with real camping in stunning scenery and enjoy a wonderful holiday.

The site can also accommodate a few campervans and caravans for those that enjoy bringing 4 walls and a kitchen sink. The site has electric hook-ups and grass reinforcement mesh to prevent any of that worrying, sinking feeling from happening.

Park House Camping is located in the Dales where the weather is red hot and amazing all year round, or at least most of it. If you are staying at the site when there happens to be wilder, grass watering water the site has a fair sized shed type building where you can get a bit of shelter while you drink you tea.

Half a mile away from Park House Camping is Keld Lodge where you can get a meal or a pint. It is a friendly little hotel that always sells good food and beer. About 4 miles away from the campsite is the Tan Hill Inn which is an unusual and fairly wacky pub that serves good food and a range of ales. You can find the site on the map at OS Ref: 887015.

The site sells lovely bacon and egg and bacon or egg breakfast baguettes and brews in the morning during the main season or by prior arrangement. During the evenings they sell simple but delicious home cooked food including veggie or meat curry, quorn chilli or beef stew. The food will be ready by the time your tent is up. There is no evening food between the 24th of June and the 1st of July. The site also has a licence to sell alcohol.


The owners aim to help all of their guests have a good time when they camp at Park House Camping. A majority of the site's campers are serious walkers that sleep and rise early. Those that want to talk all night with a few beers should go elsewhere.

The rules of Park House Camping are that no one should be able to hear you after 11pm. You should be away of this before you come.

Those that want a friendly and quiet camping holiday should find Park House Camping ideal.


The owners love dogs but know that not everyone does. This is why dogs must be kept on a lead or tether at all times while on the park. There are hens, ducks and cats around that could be endangered by dogs so you must keep an eye on your dog.


Due the nature of Park House Camping's small site they are unable to take very wide tents. They have one long standing exception and hope that guests understand.


If you are looking for a bunk accommodation in Keld then Park House Camping can offer it to you. They have bunk accommodation sleeping up to 9 people in a room of 4, a room of 3 and a double bedded room.

Their bunkhouse is a good budge accommodation. It is just right when you need a warm, clean bed and a good shower. They welcome walkers, bikers and other folk.


Park House, Keld
North Yorkshire
DL11 6DZ
United Kingdom

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